Vol. 4: Certified Fire

by Skribbal

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released February 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Skribbal El Monte, California

Emcee from El Monte, CA! Debut album #DrugSpunFunk out now through The Label Records. Top 100 iTunes chart, heard on ABC.

New mixtape #AtWitsEnd drops June 1st 17!

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Track Name: Feel the Fire
Feel the fire
Man I'm rotten to the core
I'm a bad motherfucker
Stickin' cock into ya whore
Electro violence riots cause a power surge galore
Say hello from the gutter, it's a mad gone world
I'm still under the influence
Time to kill, eliminate the weak
And burn the innocent
A nice day for a funeral, I'm usually posted
In the back, snortin crack, roasted
Smokin' out a can, ghostin'
Floatin' through ya pad, I'm a gasoline dream
Fast junkie, supersonic hate machine
Hit 'em where it hurts
Kick 'em in the dirt
You're half past dead, now you're fucked
Feel the verse
Baddest in the land from the 626
To the 541 spittin' shit like this
Y'all some cum chuggin' butt-fuckin' shit dick kids
I'm a blood soaked, cut-throat sick prick

Whiskey bent, I'm twisted
Got the devil by the tail
When death comes out to play
I'll send that sucker down to hell
A pound of flesh is cookin' in my kitchen
You can smell the stench from down the block
I've always eaten women out
Hellish pride, hella high - a fuckin' thunderhead
Skull and bones, toasted toes
I eat 'em on my wonder bread
Diagnosed a little slow
You'd never know the real me
I'm ironbound, I'm cryin' out in vain
Please fuckin' kill me
Immortalis, off my balance, I'm a train wreck
Electric rattlesnake in a black daze
I'm a deranged mess
Old wounds, new scars - I need a rain check
Call me Bobby Blitz
I'll wreck ya neck and then i'll drain it
Drop the hammer down, bitter pill swallowed
The truth is that you've lost your last chance at a tomorrow
You're a pig and a bitch down to the bone
This is overkill thrash rap
Take your ass home
Track Name: Psychohead Babylon (ft. Grewsum)
I was walkin' the block late one night
Until I saw this bitch with a cock and thought
This couldn't be that bad
And then I fucked her in the ass crack
It's the slow brain, cocaine regenerated
Feel the pain grow, brains blow - incinerated
Spit a 16 with sick fiends, obliterated
Tie off and shoot up - sophisticated
A vision came to me, the fire rained
It ate the sea
And stripped the planet clean of any face emcee
Now pray to me
Ya fate will be a slavery, locked into the chains
Shackled in a maiden, slapped and crackin' through ya brains
Ya livin' to play me servant - a dick in ya face, ya worthless
I'm sick in a way that a serpent slithers, preying on the vermon
Master of the universal language
Sacrifice a virgin
Turn the furnace up, I wanna smell the burnin' epidermis

Psychohead Babylon
Babble on bitch
I'm the monster in the mirror
Here to make you sick
Inhale, take a hit - let's get lit
Exhale fire
Eyes buggin' and shit

Seems like it's been a million years I been with these civilians
They need a leader, he could be it
So why does he kill them?
I need to eat, it's simple
I guess I'll play the villain
I'll kill you to get the meat I need and leave the buildin'
I'm out my mind
They call it goin' Amanda Bynes
I own the funeral home so you have to die
Kill a couple folks, up the casket price
That way I could fuck you over in the afterlife
My ideas that I build like Ikea
Might be the most unstable type, incite fear
When I feel like freakin' out - you die here
Plus five people you care about
Man I swear if you fuckin' wit me you die
Stuck a sickle right up in you
What a frickin' surprise, let it tickle your eyes
While it's rippin' you in the light I spit it hard to the right
Twist it with all my might
Make a mess with your insides
Track Name: Everyone's Offended
Listen everybody just calm the fuck down
Anthony Cumia stood his ground
Most you motherfuckers didn't even know his name
Until Sirius fired his ass for sayin' some things
Through a personal twitter account not associated
With Sirius, but still got fired for gettin' heated
Meanwhile he was hired for the very same reason
For sayin' crazy shit and speakin' what he was thinkin'
XM is suppose to represent freedom of speech
Until you get a shitstorm of media creeps freaked
Buncha corny faggots with dicks in their ass, dissin'
Quick to start a racial argument but that bitch hit him
How would you react?
He was carryin' a gat
But he did the right thing, he coulda knocked that cunt flat
On her ass
Let a round off, but he held back
And vented all his anger through twitter, now he's attacked

Everyone's offended, everybody got opinions
Everybody is so quick to point the finger in position
But they don't look in the mirror, they can't understand a thing
They just stir the fuckin' pot while they sit behind a scream
Everyone's offended, everybody got opinions
Everybody is so quick to point the finger in position
You're a bitch (you're a bitch)
You're a faggot
You're a fraud
You blabber and you blog but you don't matter at all
Track Name: L.S.D. (Trippin')
I been trippin' on this shit
Mind is in a haze
I been livin' on this shit
Every single day
I spend my ends on this shit
I been fuckin' spaced
Ain't it great... livin' in space
Track Name: Into the Wormhole
From the ancient lands I stand with a microphone
Mind blown, eyes shine like a 90 volt
Divine cult
Rhyme sick, I'm maniacal
Triple six with a strychnine fire flow
Devilman disco, dance your ass off
Blast off - ain't no crank, just bathsalt
Crash hard, if you gotta smack a crack whore
I got one dead by the back door
Into the wormhole, no turnin' away
I'm seein' demons scheming dreamin' of dirt graves
I'm seein' Jesus leavin' heathens the first day back
Form a legion to bleed Him in the worst way
First taste of blood forced me to crave it
Became a captain in the army of Satan
Got greedy, murdered my platoon with a CD
Slit every throat so easy

Into the wormhole, gotta go deep
Paranoid, I'm trippin' every time my phone rings
All alone staring in the unknown
I'm a liar, I am fire
I can feel it in my bones
Into the wormhole, gotta go deep
Paranoid, I'm trippin' every time my phone rings
All alone staring in the unknown
We are not to be fucked with

Venomous, foul-mouth degenerate
Spit that venom at any and all enemies
Suckers better be ready with a machete steady in hand
Even then, I hope you got a second plan
Who's the man, I am plottin' ya funeral
Viewin' you in an open casket is a beautiful thought
Instigation, use only the deadliest force
Regenerated and ready for war
I'm blackin' out - spazzin' out with a loaded glock
Stickin' to my dome and cocking it back
The shot explodes the top
I got tracks for years after I drop dead
Six LPs at least to sell these potheads
Fuckin' beast, I feast on rappers raw flesh
It's all black, the darkness, it's all death
It's all over, Jehovah won't save you
Now pray to a god up above that fuckin' hates you


Irrational, thought I'd be international
But now it seems I'm broke as fuck, sleepin' on a patio
A savage though, I never stopped the rhymes
I'll never let 'em go
A real rapper, a master of the madness
Yo I'm back with a bag of that grade A dope
Call me Tommy fuckin' Chong
Imma send you up in smoke
Ambush and assault, tactical analysis
Skeletons in my closet come to life and start to ravage shit
Contract killer, not afraid to blast a bitch
Gun blazin' soul suckin' sicko - like a slasher flick
On another level, elevated mind state
Salivatin' devilman, slap you til ya spine breaks
I got 9 blades, specially designed blades
And Imma do the devils deeds and up the crime rate
I'm unbeatable, a savage - unbelievable
A manic depressive
A lesson in stepping with evil

Track Name: Bite the Curb (ft. K-Fix)
Premeditated ya murder with a machete
I'm deadly drivin' a chevy, you motherfuckers ain't ready
I'm steadily on that moonshine, heavily medicated
I'm fucked inside the head cuz I'm dead but I'm still breathin'
And I'm still walkin' around with a glock cuz it's my choice
Welcome to the world of the psycho with five points
A violent deprived soul, so vile but vital
The fire and ice flow celebrated with 9 joints
You jackin' on my noise, back of the line boy
Military murder music, we attack the mind, boy
Death to the sheep (standing in line)
Death to the weak (so damn blind)
Apocalypse approachin' with acidic rain drops
Devilman devoted to makin' ya brain stop
Insane but I can't stop, deranged when my veins pop
I'm rising out from the gutter, freebasin' the crank rock

See when I write my words
The deadliest rise from Heisenberg
So I light the herb to cope with my life
Cuz I'm quite disturbed
Might submerge haters to the depths of hell
Wavin' a tech and injectin' shells
Quite deserved kinda like the purge
I'll make you bite the curb on some History X shit
Cuz I'm sick, might empty the clip and piss on ya exit wounds
Just as true I'm crazy as Damien
If you flex then I'll mesh your neck like decapitation
To take off your necklace
But clappin' heaters just so happens to be my profession
Safe to throw away to the stash and add it to my collection
You runnin' wit a gang for protection like they could save you
From this array of hellacious gangstas who done came to slay you
I'm dangerous ain't a thing that could save you from what I aim
You could run and duck from my bullets comin' fast I never graze you
I'm blazin' like a sativa - cuz me, im equal to ether
We beast on the beat you either could call this the creature feature
Track Name: Isis Flow
I smoke hash
I smoke grass
I'll sniff and 8 ball of your ass
Puff puff pass, the devilman's back
With that certified fire
Turn you into ash motherfucker

Bitch I'm like Isis with a mic that's wrapped around ya throat
I'm slicin' right into the flesh, I'm bitin'
Smitin' all those that appose the titan
Vice grips got you cryin' like a bitch, I'm unapologetic
Got an 8 ball of courage and some anesthetic
There I said it
Livin' in a world full of anger and pain
So I grab that microphone (bust)
Slangin' that drug like it ain't no thing
Let me a spit a little bit of that (cold crush)
See these corny rappers with the gold chains
Motherfucker fin' ta get their bones crushed
Blown up
Rolled up with some bud like dust and smoked up
Hold up Hesh
Imma let these motherfuckers know why you the best
Subknocka gang, bang beats like cunt
Smell the bodies roastin' in the trunk, that's funk
That's real, that's fire from the grill - that's spunk
That's as raw as it gets, that's punk
Fuck everything
Never tame, that's hella lame
Welcome to the cellar man
Me and Hesh wrap your body up in fresh cellophane
Track Name: The Ballad
I was stupid, I wasn't thinkin' of you
Too blinded with the anger, too angry to see the truth
And the truth is that you love me and nothing is gettin' through
When I'm pushin' you away when I say the shit I do
I'm so sick of myself that I can't stand it
Thoughts run rampant and jelousy turns manic
Panic at the thought of gettin' closer to your heart
When my fears take over it's over, I can't stop
But lately everything has turned to misery
I stopped listening - you stopped missing me
Fucked up, ruinined somethin' beautiful
Runnin' from the pain of the past, I was losin' you
Foolish move when I would curse at you
Said I didn't mean it but did it and made it worse with you
Tonight is the night that you break free
Tonight is the night that I break you

Only myself to blame
My pride, my guilt, my anger, my shame
My pain is a portrait of the person I hate
And I painted it with the venom of a snake
But you were right there hoping that I might hear
Hoping that I'd open up my eyes to see what's quite clear
There is love here, we've got enough here
To last another hundred plus years
And there is lust here, beauty and trust here
And it's a beautiful thing now when we touch here
You're my world, you're my girl - you're my love dear
And after all the fears calmed it was so clear
That I was so dumb, blinded by the cold sun
Mistreated a queen, I was mean and I was no fun
Now it's brand new, dammit I will stand true...
Track Name: Irony
Little Johnny thought he had it made nicely
Livin' in a two story house on a nice street
Middle class - grew up on a little cash
But now he's straight crashed from them pills he swallow
Roll model to his kids
But so hallow headed, you know the deal
He's been loaded since he could say FUCK YOU
He's been goin' hard ever since that one dude
From down the block, cornered him in a parkin' lot
Beat him until his head was spinnin' around
Took his gwap and split before the cops could handle it
That's what damage is
That's the kinda shit that'll make you panic in a crowded room
Louder the boom
Lives with liquor in his system
Wasted off his ass, throwin' punches - gettin' piss drunk
The laughing stock, couldn't keep his head straight
Heavy weight, lost it all drivin' on the interstate
Shit-faced, too stupid to catch a cab
Accelerated heavy on the gas
And then smash, killed in a flash
By another drunk driver that was wasted off his ass
Track Name: Pulse Of the Rhyme
Just checkin' my microphone once as I test ya audio
Increase the bass, got it blarin' in ya face
There's alotta you rappers who ain't got a lot to do
But bitch with a stick up your ass, yeah it's comical
Lose the attitude, ain't nobody mad at you
So why you feel a need to be a fake fuckin' rapper dude
You ain't got the heart, you ain't got the smarts
You ain't got a single bar that's fuckin' with my art
You ain't got the skill to step into this demolition
The pulse of the rhyme got you lined up in position
To be fucked up (whats up) little bitch, you suck nuts
Guzzle cum, spit it out - lick it up
Don't forget a word, never disobey me
Blue skies turn to black skies when you day dream
Bang bang boogie, aim for the crowd
AK boogie - yeah my fans get down

I'm a monster, conjure up the dead when I'm lonely
Chillin' with a couple demons far down below me
Feel the fire blast back, the one and only
Skribbal has arrived, here to take ya petty lives
Fire in the sky, six pointed pentagram
Anti-Christ, demonseed, demigod, devilman
Rattlesnake (yes I am)
Yes I will levitate
Northern lights alien, world champ heavy weight
I'm the dopest, incredibly focused
Breathin' out fire - rapidly spewin' locusts
Dope shit

My only fear is the sickness inflicted
Upon my brain, as a child I was a sick kid
Popped out mamas pussy with a crackpipe
Jacked her stash of crack and smoked it that night
Damn right, feelin' kinda funky
Ball with the best of the best - get 'em jumping
Another junky with a monkey on my back
Smack any cocksucker fuckin' with my stash
Smear blood on your walls so thick
I'm a sick little prick yellin' 666
Not strapped just got a phat mix
Of that real rap laced with some ill ass shit
Track Name: Certified Fire
Certified fire
Dirty rhyme writer
Who got the bangin' beat to inspire
Dyer that I rip shit, live wire
Skribbal on a mission to bury all rhyme biters
Silence... who the fuck you talkin' to
Every word that I spit it like a shot at you
I'm a venomous cynical individual
Critical deprecation, evadin' the law - criminal
Born torn it's war when I crush
So face the cold north, this sword that I clutch
Is surely your fate, I force the head off
And rest in your place with blood on my cross
Boss, I'm a man on a mission
Certified fire technician
Bringin' heat to the beat, no bitchin'
No half steppin' strictly all business

Certified fire

Got no problem
Sell a bit of crack
Smoke wit' 'em and then rob 'em
Skribbal is a motherfuckin' jerk, berserk
Not a goblin, but a ghoul lurkin' at the bottom
Of the pit - shit - step into my zone real quick
Fist hit you with a five knuckle grip, like blooow
Come and get it, imma serve it up right now, rapper down
Certified slaughter
I am a monster
Sacrifice all to the fall of my father
A known martyr, conquered all corners
Cornered all Christians, shot all in order
Stick it in, pull it out - put it back in
Ya fuckin' chest, feel the blade - hear the gnashin''
Of ya teeth, feel the pain of this madman
Spewin' flames from ya brain to the trash can